Edwin Eugene (Gene) Ott is a environmental engineer, futurist, planner, inventor, scientist, philosopher, amateur herpetologist, writer, and nature photographer. He has an MS degree in Environmental Systems Engineering (Clemson University, 1972) and a BS in Physics (U. of South Carolina, 1967).

Gene is currently retired. For 34 years, he practiced consulting engineering in the environmental arena, specializing in the use of computer models to predict the fate of pollutants in the natural environment.

For several years he worked for the State of South Carolina developing and implementing statewide programs for managing the construction of publicly-owned wastewater treatment facilities and development of river basin and areawide water quality management plans.

In his early career, he performed research in the United States Air Force concerning fuel fire and explosion suppression in aircraft fuel tanks under flight conditions. His research was often cited in the investigation of the 1996 crash of TWA flight 800 for which the probable cause was found to be an explosion of the center wing fuel tank.

As an amateur herpetologist, he developed South Carolina Reptiles and Amphibians. Through his website, he spreads education about these creatures and helps many concerned persons identify the species encountered. He also maintains online images of South Carolina birds and mammals.

Gene was selected as an Artist-In-Residence by the South Carolina State Park Service for 2004. He was nominated for the South Carolina Environmental Awareness Award for the year 2009.

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