Godís Prostate

By Gene Ott ©2006


It is said that God made man in his image.
If so, it is unthinkable that God would look like a Gorilla;
therefore evolution cannot be real.

If we are created in Godís image, does Godís urethra pass through his
prostate gland? †As an engineer, having my urethra pass through my
prostate seems like a clear case of expedient evolution rather than divine


God is not male, nor female, you say.† Hermaphrodite?† No, this would not
do!† God is sexless?† This may explain why God likes his priests to be celibate
and his priestesses virgins.


Intelligent design is the latest ploy in the argument against evolution.† Was it
intelligent to design the penis as a balloon?† God must be a capitalist since his
handiwork has resulted in such a great demand for male sexual enhancement


Would it not have been better to make the penis a muscle, like the tongue?† Just
think of what could be done.† For instance, we could put the zipper tab on the
inside of our pants and then we would not have to wash our hands every time we
use the bathroom.