SC Wildlife


January 2012

Gene's Notes:

January started with a calamity for my websites. I was notified by the company renting a dedicated server for the website that the server suffered a root compromise. Translated, this meant that someone hacked into the server. I had to rebuild the website. I think that it is working well now, but I am sure some glitches will show themselves.

In rebuilding the websites, I decided to make some needed changes, including restructuring these periodic notes more broadly as SC wildlife notes. This expansion reflects my expanded interests in photographing all wildlife.

All this rebuilding took away from my time available for observations. Not unexpectedly, I did not see any noteworthy herps this month. However, I did capture a few interesting images of other animals.

Domestic Duck Struggling to Eat a Snail

Crow Infringing on Hunting Ground of Ringed-bill Gull

Male Harrier Hawk Hunting

Adult Bald Eagle at Lake Greenwood

Whitetail Deer at Calhoun Falls State Park

February 17, 2012
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