SC Wildlife


February 2012

Gene's Notes:

Things settled down with my rebuilt website in February. I was able to spend more time looking for wildlife, mostly around my farm. I did go out for a couple of hours with my son, Win, on Lake Thurmond. I hoped to get images of waterfowl and eagles. We saw both, but I could not get any special images, due to an overcast sky and skiddish birds.

Turkeys have been gathering in anticipation of breeding. Last winter, I had a special visitor to my bird feeding station, a Harris' Sparrow. I have not seen any unusal visitors this winter. However, the local populations have been happy to eat my handouts. I was amused to see a Red-bellied Woodpecker come to the station and eat seeds. The woodpecker approached like a dis-interested avian. It moved about, lighting on closer and closer scrubs and fence posts; then it darted over and grabbed a couple of seeds and flew away. It followed this procedure each time it visited.

Upland Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers, Southern Leopard Frogs, and American Toads began singing this month. I saw Bullfrogs poking their heads out of the water at the farm well spring.

It looks like February will be the last of our winter. I am looking forward to an active March.

Turkeys in the yard

Goldfinch in winter garb

Cedar Waxwings passing through

Downy Woodpecker searching seed pods

Brown Thrasher inspects the bill of fair

Red-bellied Woodpecker steals some seed

Red-winged Blackbird considers feeding

A pair of Cardinals have a bad feather day

March 17, 2012
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