SC Wildlife


April 2012

Gene's Notes:

March ended feeling like Summer, but April reminded us of fickleness of Spring. We had two episodes of frost
following Easter. Much tender new growth on herbs and trees was killed. However, the sap kept flowing in the
flora and fauna.

Canada Geese nested along the shores of Lake Greenwood; Five-lined Skinks courted; and Bluegill Sunfish (Bream) bedded.
A pair of Solitary Sandpipers took up residence at the farm pond. Lunar Moths searched for mates and dragonflies
defended favorite territories. Male Dung Beetles (Phanaeus vindex) grew long snout horns. Two male Redbelly
Water Snakes pursued a single female in a small pond.

I finally achieved one of my long sought photographic goals... getting a good image of a Whip-poor-will. Being night
creatures, Whip-poor-wills present a real problem for photography. It would be great to find one sleeping on the ground
or brooding eggs during the day, but I have not been so lucky. However, listening to their calls at night, I discovered
that at least one bird was making regular visits to a bird bath in my wife's flower garden. After several unsuccessful
attempts to sneak up on the bird, I decided to set my camera up during daylight and trigger it remotely. To get a good
image I had to use a flash. One evening one lighted in the bath while when I was on duty. I anticipated getting only
one image due to the flash. I snapped my image. The bird did not fly. In all I made over a half-dozen images before
the bird left.

Male Canada Goose on attack.

Courting Five-lined Skinks.

Northern Parula.

Bluegill Sunfish on bed.

Jumping Spider.

Solitary Sandpiper.

Lunar Moth.

Dragonfly in flight.

Louisiana Waterthrush.


Dung Beetle, male.

Courting Redbelly Water Snakes.

May 13, 2012
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