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August 2012

Gene's Notes:

August weather was normal, hot and a little dry. Many native grasses were seeding and birds, such as Indigo Buntings and Blue Grosbeaks, were well fed. There was an abundance of blooming flowers which the hummingbirds visited. Eastern Wood Peewees were busy snatching gnats and other small flies from the air. Male Annual Cicadas shook their songs of romance. Large Black Horseflies occasionally needed swatting.

Newborn lizards, such as Green Anoles, were abundant. Cultivation of a flower bed, revealed a clutch of three eggs. Two of the eggs were dead, but one appeared unharmed. I placed this egg into a container with moist paper towels and placed it in a moderate temperature location. Two weeks later, an Eastern Box Turtle hatched. At Lake Greenwood, I photographed a Great Blue Heron catch and eat a newborn Brown Water Snake. Brown Watersnakes are a Low Country species which is now expanding its range into the Piedmont. The next day I returned to the lake hoping to photograph an unharmed Brown Watersnake specimen. I did not see any snakes, but I did spot a newborn Gulf-coast Spiny Softshell Turtle lying buried in the sand with only its head protruding.

The sheet webs of spiders, such as the Bowl-and-Doily Spider, where just about everywhere. I found a new-to-me spider species, the Orchard Web Weaver.

Indigo Bunting, male.

Blue Grosbeak, male.

Jewel Weed, flower.

Yellow Thistle,flower.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird, female.

Eastern Wood Peewee.

Annual Cicada.

Black Horsefly.

Green Anole, newborn.

Box Turtle, newborn.

Great Blue Heron with newborn Brown Watersnake.

Gulf-coast Spiny Softshell Turtle, newborn.

Bowl-and-Doily Spider.

Orchard Orb Weaver.

September 30, 2012
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